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Quick Hits – 3

Posted in Afridi, Federer, Keane, Mickelson, Nani, Schumacher, Sexton on February 1, 2010 by Ronan O'Keeffe
  1. Just incredible

    Watching Roger Federer win his 16th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open yesterday I was struck by a singular thought; do sports fans truly appreciate the genius of the Swiss master? What I mean by this is have we come to the stage now that we just take his achievements for granted, expecting him to sweep up all the big prizes in sight? I personally feel that it is only when his record is viewed through the prism of time will we then realise how great he really is. For now we can admire his play and marvel at his stunning levels of consistency. But it will only be when we’re all old and grey, and no tennis player in the intervening years has come close to matching Federer’s marks of greatness, will we truly understand how unique he was. Continue reading