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The Boss and the Hall* (via Joe Posnanski)

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I wrote a blog last year about the New York Yankees and the extraordinary money the franchise was spending to bring the World Series back to the Big Apple. Well it worked, and the Yanks are looking good again this year atop the American League. Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died this week aged 80 and it’s fair to say he was a colourful character. There were as many highs as there were lows for ‘The Boss’ in during his 37 years in charge. Check out this blog by SI’s Joe Posnanski on the merits of Steinbrenner’s prospective entry into baseball’s Hall of Fame, it’ll give you a flavour of what the guy was all about. And if this sparks your interest there’s a hell of a lot more out there to read about the guy.

The Boss and the Hall* Well, as you might expect from a man who was as polarizing as George Steinbrenner, there have been two kinds of stories I’ve been seeing the last couple of days. The first kind mostly ASSUMES that Steinbrenner will … Read More

via Joe Posnanski


World Cup 2010 – In One Fell Swoop

Posted in Ronaldo, World Cup on July 14, 2010 by Ronan O'Keeffe

I was sent this today by the good folk at Simply Zesty and it’s well worth a look. If anything could round up the month long footballing extravaganza in one fell swoop then this is it. Enjoy.

To the Victor the Spoils

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The final is almost upon us

There are a couple of things we know for certain ahead of the World Cup final on Sunday. One is that Englishman Howard Webb will referee the big game, after having what many, including FIFA quite clearly, consider to be a commanding and controversy free tournament. Webb’s standing on the international stage is still a lot higher than it is back in England of course, numerous errors in the Premier League over the past 18 months tarnishing what was once a stellar reputation. Ask any Newcastle fan about Webb for example, and they will point to a game towards the end of season 2008-’09, when he disallowed a perfectly good goal that would have given the Magpies a vital win over Fulham. The error sent them down.

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